This medium-sized Taipei apartment located on the 6th floor of a 15 story-high building was transformed from a four bedroom apartment into a modern bachelor pad. By removing two brick walls separating the kitchen, living space and office, designer Dillon Chen of D|C Interior Design opened up the space creating a brighter and more spacious floor plan for Pad 63, as it came to be known. Replacing the former brick wall between the living room and office, an aluminum H-beam and glass wall separates the space, allowing views to and from the office. The kitchen integrates a bar – a “must-have” for a real bachelor’s pad – while a large TV right next to it is yet another defining element for the main function of this apartment. According to the creator of this inspiring 2,200 square feet residence: “The initial task of designing this apartment is to fully utilize the beams and pillars in the space, so the interior was ostensibly carved around the existing structure of the building. A juxtaposition of aluminum, glass, geometric shapes and solid wood is what most guests notice when they enter this well-lit space.” Scroll down to see before and after photos – isn’t this a fascinating transformation?