With an extravagant, flashy design, this new Louis Vuitton Concept Store at Selfridges in London is the result of the collaboration between the brand and Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. Characterized by flashy colors and polka dot patterns, the overall design of the store will definitely appeal to the Louis Vuitton enthusiasts. The exhibited materials, bags and shoes are all a part of the dot-inspired concept and are well emphasized with the help of a visually powerful lighting scheme. Perforated giant lamps hang over the display tables, which are in tune with the red&white floor and walls. According to the official press release, the store features¬†“twenty four Selfridges display windows dedicated to the Vuitton & Kusama Collection and inside visitors are instructed to follow the red dots along the shop floor leading to the store and a life size, polka dot-clad model of Kusama herself”. Louis Vuitton & Kusama concept store at Selfridges London will remain open until 1 October.