Located in one of Bulgaria’s welcoming sky resorts – Bansko – this sophisticated loft is part of Fimera Design Studio’s portfolio. There were no compromises when it comes to details – the 350 square meter apartment conveys a feeling of modern elegance from every corner. Skylights fill up the double-height lower level with natural light, composing a comfortable atmosphere. Comprising four apartments into a spacious collection of residential spaces, the loft’s new floor plan spreads over two levels. A cozy fireplace pierces through the large grey partition separating the kitchen from the living zone and dining space. Dark floating stairs lead up to the second living space, where a second fireplace penetrates the wooden walls. This floor is also shelter for the master bedroom and a second guest bedroom, one displaying bold yellow and green furniture and furnishings and the other combining white and different brown tones. The Loft in Bansko is a great example of customized interior design molded to suit a modern lifestyle.