Embedded in the landscape of San Manuel, Melipilla, Chile, MJ house was envisioned by COMUNarquitectos and comes with a surprising interior and exterior appearance. The residence was especially developed for a family of engineers and their two children and has a total surface of 145 square meters. According to the architects, the overall design of the project was inspired by features of Tokyo architecture: “One of the things we saw in the houses of Japan, both traditional and contemporary, is a closed condition to the street to open condition inward, a result of the complex relationship between the public and private realms of Japanese society. Inspired by this, the house has both conditions, closed to the public road and open to the landscape. However, we wanted to propose a dialog between these opposed conditions. This led us to create an overlap on the roof and achieve an open relationship between the two sides through windows, framed views, and the access of light”. How would you comment on this project? Do you find this to be a good example of cross-country architecture inspiration?