Protruding through beautiful oak trees, an almost suspended architecture is slightly seen occupying a hillside in Beverly Hills, California. The Oakpass Residence by Heusch Architecture was imagined resting on 10 very narrow columns, gathering views of the surroundings through its almost fully glazed facade. The uplifted ground floor under the residential structure forested by the columns shaping the 12 feet high support system was designed to be part carport, part Zen garden. Architects found an innovative solution to eliminating the need for a retaining wall, making the home more interesting and the surrounding space more compact and leading to minimal impact on the forested landscape. Even the pool was elevated above ground, creating a continuation of the column-defined space under the house. Captured in between two large concrete slabs, interior spaces showcase a comfortable design and seem to merge with the outdoors thanks to frameless floor to ceiling glass and the continuity of materials from the inside out: “The choice of the natural materials such as Brazilian walnut floors inside and out, Portuguese limestone and Spanish marble define the interior spaces. The restrictive palette throughout the house and the custom designed furniture and cabinets characterize the minimalist environment.”