You’ve seen many projects on Freshome built in strong connection with their environment. This particular modern home entitled West Lake Hills Residence and designed by architects Specht Harpman was envisioned waving around the old oak trees that inhabit the site. Located in a densely tree-covered site in the Austin, Texas, this contemporary building is the result of a renovation and expansion of a modest 1970’s dwelling. According to the architects, “much of the original internal structure was maintained, but the alterations sought to erase all visible traces of the original house. The primary mass of the house was lifted off the ground plane by creating a series of masonry walls that extend across the site to form interior and exterior rooms that frame views with the Live Oak trees beyond. The walls define family spaces on the lower level, while supporting a floating box of bedroom and private spaces above”. The interior design is diverse and colorful, filled with inspiring details-have a look!