You might think that Facebook is cool and popular now, but apparently they have more to showcase in the coming years. Starting spring 2013, the construction of Facebook’s new headquarters will begin under the attentive supervision of world-renowned architect Frank Gehry. Located just across the highway from the current Facebook East corporate office in Palo Alto, California, the new Facebook headquarters will display Frank Gehry’s vision of a social working space gathered in one large room spreading over 420,000 square feet. Named Facebook West, the future collection of working spaces will be finished by spring 2015 and will display a central glass-partitioned space sheltering Zuckerberg’s office, surrounded by a 26-foot-high open floor plan accommodating work-group “neighborhoods”.

According to Bloomberg, Gehry’s response to Zuckerberg’s wishes was: “Mark said he wanted to be in the same room with all his engineers. I told him we could put the building up on stilts, park cars underneath and create a room as large as he wanted.” Meeting spaces, pop-up pavilions or “war rooms” for launching product, lounges furnished with arcade-game consoles or outdoor-terraced cafes serving sushi and barbecue – all these and more will be part of the new Facebook Headquarters. Incorporating skylights and clerestory windows flooding the space with natural light, this new type of working space will be topped off with a planted roof lined with pathways, encouraging people to interact for both social and creative purposes. Accessed via a spiraling wooden staircase captured in between glass walls, this lush rooftop garden will be connected to the ground by skateboard ramps. Looking forward to seeing the finished building and finding out how much they paid for it, because so far, Facebook won’t disclose that information, but says “it’s consistent with the local office-park norm“. How much do you think the whole project will sum up to?