Keeping an adapted version of the neighborhood’s “no fences” display, the Wentworth Rd House is elegantly exposed to passers-by, who can admire the architect’s creativity and draw inspiration for their own projects. Designed by Edward Szewczyk Architects, this modern residence is located in the Vaucluse suburb of Sydney, Australia. Three floors culminating with a rooftop terrace beautify the suburban plot showcasing what appears to be a bold volumetric architecture. Behind the glazed front facade, the suburban home shelters social and private space, starting from the partially suspended ground floor. Here, a set of terraced stairs leading to the garden create a feeling of suspension in mid air and sparkle at night to guide owner’s steps to the almost transparent back of the house. Separated from the pool with glass railings, the backside garden space is a social zone where family and friends spend time under the hot Australian sun. With the pool nearby, lazy afternoons and entertaining evenings will surely be included in the weekly routine.