An impressive four-story atrium and an indoor-outdoor living green wall defines the new office building for Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte (B/S/H/) in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands. Envisioned by William McDonough + Partners, together with D/DOCK, the office space emphasizes on openness and flexibility: “The result is a welcoming place that radiates a sense of calm, open for everyone, everywhere and at any time. Optimal lighting, tactile materials, soft colors and flexible design elements throughout maximize the experience and well-being of the people and emphasize the open structure and the vision of B/S/H/ as a company. The space is composed of zones, alternative workplaces and a flexible use of furniture, and each floor features a ‘hub’. This is a central space where all the community functions are clustered, as well as the management“. Many the interior elements were supplied under the Fornature terms, stimulating reuse and ensuring a second-life for them. A building integrated photo-voltaic roof maximizes energy and day lighting. So this is not just a visually appealing place to work in, it is also a sustainable project. Enjoy the photos!