The familiarity of this object is brought by years of interacting with pushpins and cork boards for different work-related tasks. Taiwan-based designer Kenyon Yeh takes the pushpin and cork board and joins them in a creative and functional furniture solution simply called PUSHPIN. Completely made out of cork and maintaining the material’s properties, PUSHPIN is the result of a fruitful collaboration with Taiwan-based brand COOIMA. This elaborate display of a material we often come across encourages us to explore it in a new way, taking into account its stability, strong nature and decorative potential. This bold statement embodies an easy to recognize pin shape 38cm wide and measuring 47cm in height. The Pushpin by Kenyon Yeh is a flip away from turning from a stool into a table, so its features include a double function. I’m just wondering what happens if you spill wine on it – does it stain?