Two special lamps will have you talking about them inclusively at the dog park – the Pooping Dog Lamps from UK artist Whatshisname. It’s really a conversation starter duo. There is a bigger black dog and a smaller one so which ever you’d choose,you still got one pooping dog in your living room. The fun part is that stepping on a dog poop can now be useful – that’s how you turn on and off the light. You can order them on the designer’s page, because the Good Dog and Good Puppy lamps will never ask for attention, but demand it! Decide if you find it offensive or not, but know that “both lamps were supposed to be part of London’s the Art Below exhibition on London Underground stations. Even though organizers accepted the work, unfortunately London Underground banned it for being offensive.” We would love to know what you think about what seems to be a chihuahua and a doberman depicted as lamps and how these two light providers would impact your everyday life.