┬áBehind the Hollywood Sign is the new project of award winning artist Ted VanCleave, who took the famous symbol further and photographically captured more than generally meets the eye. Here is an excerpt from the press release we were sent by the artist: “My new series provides a rare view of the Hollywood Sign that is unknown to most people. It’s a bit edgy, allowing you to see the structure of the Sign with it’s braces and corrugated facade. If you look closely you can see security cameras and maintenance ladders mounted to it. From behind the Sign you can see greater Los Angeles and Lake Hollywood and you can even see helicopters flying by. Of course The Sign is more than the sum of it’s parts. It’s more than giant letters overlooking LA. It has a life, a life of it’s own. And this series allows you to see Los Angeles from the perspective of the Hollywood Sign, from the top of Mt Lee, 1,800 ft high staring down on the sprawling flatlands of Los Angeles, from downtown LA to the Pacific Ocean”. The project features 18 new images of the Sign as it has never been seen before-enjoy!