This highly modern 130 square meter apartment is situated in Mozhaiskoe Shosse, Moscow and was designed by architectural bureau of Russian interior designer Allexandra Fedorova. Elegance and soberness are the main attributes characterizing this contemporary Russian crib. The entrance hallway (completely hiding storage space) leads towards the generously-sized living, dining and kitchen area. With white plastered walls and pendant lamps, this room gets an immaculate feel. Nothing seems to disrupt this harmony constructed with such attention to details. The red painting on the wall is the only item that defies the neutral tones. The design of the bedroom is in tune with that of the social area, yet gains a bit more warmth with the help of contrasting wall finishes and the patterned armchair. A cantilevered bed acts as the focal point of the interior. Slightly more cheerful, the children’s room hosts color and emanates a more friendly feel. How do you appreciate the overall design of this place?