The one-acre parcel for the Hinge House was located within a planned subdivision with a requisite builder and had already been cleared for a McMansion-style house. Instead of following in the footsteps of all the other houses on the block, the client engaged LLB Architects to design a modern vision that they could grow into with their young family. The single-family residence was programmed around a central hinge point that separates wings for private and public functions, each with an outward crank from the main axis. The single story of the public wing affords the opportunity for a sloped interior ceiling and clerestory windows, expressive of the form and structure.

Materiality further distinguishes the two wings at the entry, clad in wood on the private wing and limestone on the public wing. The use of commercial materials such as storefront glazing systems, aluminum-clad windows, and Alpolic metal panels were utilized for their durability and low maintenance. The result of these decisions led to a house that is unlike any other in the neighborhood, that meets the family’s exact needs, and is cleverly nicknamed after its design moves – the Hinge House. [Photography by Warren Jagger Photography; information provided by LLB Architects]