Las Ventanas al Paraiso presents itself as a refined beach hideaway in Los Cabos, where the Pacific meets the sky under the Mexican sun in a breathtaking, almost seamlessly connected natural design. Visited by Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba or Jennifer Lopez, Las Ventanas al Paraiso hides a spectacular collection of unique details behind its whitewashed walls. Savage beauty surrounding the resort was embedded in the exceptional design flaunted by outdoor and indoor spaces. Marble showers and Conchuela limestone floors adorn the luxurious suites, while telescopes look towards the sparkling night sky and across blue waters, capturing sea life in its permanent movement.

Being a Rosewood resort owned by Beanie Babies billionaire Ty Warner, luxurious design and exquisite details pave the way to the ultimate holiday. Staff moves through underground pathways, always being in the right place at the right time, their presence monopolizing your attention only when necessary. Luxury suites and villas sum up to 61 accommodation spaces, where the soothing atmosphere meets exclusive designer furniture and exceptional textures. Visiting Las Ventanas al Paraiso, your only care is which of the three restaurants to choose for your next meal.