This light, positive and spacious apartment is located in Warsaw, Poland, on the first floor of the intimate building in Wilanow district. It was design by Chalupko Design studio to be multi-functional and display a modern collection of spaces and furniture. With a dominant white and gray color palette, the overall impression is that of space and soberness. White tiles, wood floor of nature oak – brushed and colored, plus wooden furniture – white lacquered – induces the feeling of a pristine, freshness and brightens up the space. induces the feeling of a pristine, freshness and brightens up the space. The dream of the owners was to create an open, white and minimalistic home, as calm and neutral as possible. The place to relax and enjoy family life after a long day. The core of the apartment is an open living area, designed in a highly contemporary manner. The white lacquer finishes make this place literally shine.

The socializing zone includes a sofa, dining table and kitchen island. Splashes of color appear here and there, for creating interesting visual contrast. A crystal chandelier is the most striking decorating item from all the room and seems to be a statement of the luxury this home implies. Also it makes good contrast with massive, large, white oak table. The private zone is bedroom, bathroom and wardrobe. The bedroom was designed as peaceful, restful room, connected the wardrobe through the white, floor to ceiling door. This place is hold in neutral pastel palette, with floral wallpaper from Wall and Deco. The bed and wallpaper seems almost to appear from comprehensive white. Light is a crucial point in this project. It creates the space, makes it more warm and cozy. It shines along the horizontal furnisher lines, work surface in the kitchen, ceiling, glass surface in the bathroom, wallpaper in the bedroom. Thanks to RGB led panel it is possible to change the light color and create a different space. [Photos and information via Aneta Chalupko of Chalupko Design]