Using building materials like steel, glass and metal cladding, Australian studio TT Architecture constructed a complex set of architectural details gathered under a simple name: Carey House. This modern family home was designed to include an extensive system of indoor-outdoor connectivity elements, admired by the owners and considered one of the best features of the house, as described by its inhabitants: “The flow of the internal spaces and visual connection between the inside and outside spaces is outstanding.” The Australian home displays a boldness rarely seen in residential architecture.

This “collective of elements massing themselves towards the center and being expressed as a formal interplay of planes” showcases a spectacular set of design details, proportioned volumes and playful connection of materials.”Not only are the horizontal and vertical set against each other but form strong cantilevers intending to give the sense of solid elements ‘floating’ over lighter ones. This floating aspect is inherent in the cantilevered decks and bay windows and the substantial roof overhangs.” Materializing into a dream home, this joining of textures, surfaces and voids were intended to become a bespoke set of spaces cradling the owner’s lifestyle with extreme attention to details. Resulting in a perfectly adapted cluster of family rooms, the Carey House displays a necessary visual connection to the surrounding landscape.