The team at SmartDeco Furniture recently sent us some photos and information about their 100% recyclable cardboard furniture. We like the idea behind their affordable and interesting looking furniture pieces and we believe so will you: “The SmartDeco collection is made from high grade corrugated fiberboard- a sleek, smart alternative to traditional furniture substrates. High weight-to-strength ratio, recyclability, functionality, and affordability are amongst the primary benefits of corrugated fiberboard. Using this substrate allows the products to be affordable, lightweight, and fold together without tools. Unlike cardboard pizza box, SmartDeco corrugated cardboard utilizes a middle layer of arcs- the strongest way to span a given space. The outer layers of the profuct are made from a sheet of linerboard with ultra high density-high grade interconnected virgin fibers.The middle layer is composed of recycled post-consumer paper”. What is your stand on cardboard furniture? Would you consider integrating the items below in your home?