Palestinian artist Amer Shomali took the famous portrait of famous Palestinian revolutionary Leila Khaled and used it for inspiration when creating this unusual painting. Presented at Framed-Unframed exhibition, the project was aligned to the overall theme of the event, which was “a critical exploration of visual artists’ changing representations of Palestinian women”. According to My Modern Met, Leila Khaledis is known for hijacking an American airplane on 29 August 1969. After the operation, the photograph of the famous revolutionary taken by Eddie Adams turned Khaled into a symbol of an era. Using 3500 lipstick tubes, the photo is reproduced exactly by Shomali (with Kalashnikov and kuffiyeh). The art project is open to controversy; Shomali is said to “play with the concept of confining the image of women to consumption. He replaces images of saleswomen and receptionists with women who actively struggle”. How would you comment on this odd art piece, with such a delicate cultural dimension?