With a dynamic and striking visual appearance, derived from the Porsche brand image, the new Porsche Pavilion was envisioned and developed by HENN Architects in the Autostadt, a visitor attraction adjacent to the Volkswagen factory. in Wolfsburg, Germany. The unique looking building accommodating 400 square meters of space for exhibitions and presentations is believed to become an icon of the theme park and attract visitors worldwide. According to the architects’ description, “a matte-finished stainless steel cladding forms the flush envelope of this vibrant structure, creating the impression of a homogeneous unity, whilst creating a continuously changing appearance depending on light and weather conditions. At the entrance the pavilion cantilevers 25m over the lagoon’s water surface in front. Below the cantilever of the large asymmetrical roof, a sheltered external space opens up“. The landscaping design around the building was implemented by the creative team at WES, who managed to perfectly integrate the dynamic structure in its environment. All of you Porsche enthusiasts out there- pleased by this new design?