Lighting is often an overlooked piece of the interior design puzzle, so we couldn’t agree more with Oscar de la Renta when he said, “The most important thing? Perfect lighting at all times.” A pivotal component in design, lighting quickly is staking its place as a centerpiece of the room. Crystorama, the family-owned design house with a 60-year heritage, shares today’s trends in lighting and the inspirations behind these breathtaking designs.

Lighting Trend 1 : White is red hot

White is the little black dress of interior design. It is the most versatile shade on the color wheel – equally perfect for an urban loft, a cozy cottage, a kid-filled suburban home or a mountain retreat. White looks great with every wall color and can break up heavy dark wood tones, brightening a space with its color, as well as being a light source. All white glass and hand-cut white crystals bring a vintage feel to a chandelier and is easily paired with a modern room design. Beautiful wrought-iron floral in a high-sheen white finish gives a look that is both modern and retro. An all-white palette can define a vintage space or a sleek modern one.

Lighting Trend 2 : Sculpture for the home

The latest trend is lighting as a sculpture for the home, truly making it a focal point, similar to art. Design inspirations for these types of fixtures come from sculptures and other artwork. Not everyone can afford a piece of artwork for their home, and most don’t know where to start. An elaborate light fixture can be the focal point of the point, whether it’s hung over the dining room table, kitchen buffet, or in the foyer. Lighting fixtures can be as varied as art itself, helping homeowner express their personal style and design choices.

Lighting Trend 3: Mixed materials

Imagine the glamour of old Hollywood combined with contemporary design elements. The mix of metals, crystals, colors, and finishes in light fixtures helps bring a room to life in new and unexpected ways. Lighting fixtures can be as eclectic as any other piece of home décor. If your style is hard to categorize, a lighting fixture with mixed materials – glass, crystal, metal, wrought-iron – may be the decorating solution you need.

Lighting Trend 4 : Jewelry for the home

Beautiful draping beads, glittering metals, crystals that catch the light – all are elements of fine jewelry, as well as fine lighting fixtures. Like a vintage broach, a light fixture adds that special touch to each room. Like diamonds, crystals on a chandelier reflect the light and sparkle. Light fixtures are the finishing touch to a room adding glimmer to catch the eye, the same way jewelry is for an outfit. Lighting, like jewelry, can push the envelope and be adventurous.

Lighting Trend 5 : Color-infused glass

Fixtures made of solid glass appeal to homeowners with a modern eye for design. Soft, neutral colors accent the room without overwhelming it. All glass chandeliers are an alternative to traditional light fixtures, though the shape is traditional, the use of all glass makes it edgy. Blue is today’s new neutral lending a quiet sophistication to any room.

Lighting Trend 6 : Location is everything

Chandeliers and pendants have gone mainstream and can be found all over the house. Every room is a blank canvas, just waiting for the right lighting fixture. Gone are the days of a single chandelier over your grandmother’s dining room table. Interest in home décor and design has led to the use of lighting fixtures in unexpected places. Try hanging two pendants hanging together over a breakfast buffet, a flea market style chandelier child’s playroom, mini chandeliers over bedside tables, a sassy chandelier to spice up the bathroom.

Lighting Trend 7 : Shady characters

The addition of luxurious fabric shades to elegant chandeliers is like adding an enviable accessory to an already perfect outfit. The result is breathtaking. Structured shades paired with draping crystals creates a match made in lighting heaven. Fabric shades soften the glow of the light source, illuminating the room in a warm glow. Mixed textures of fabric, chrome and crystals draw interest and intrigue to the whole room with a fashion forward edge.