With a stripy exterior, pierced by box-shaped rectangular and square windows, this sweet dwelling spells “coziness”. Envisioned by  Austrian architects Casati, the project entitled Casa Prè de Sura is perfectly integrated in its privileged environment, making the most of a dreamy Italian landscape. The windows frame views towards a small castle on a nearby hillside and bring plenty of natural light inside. According to the architects, the limestone aggregate walls surround rooms and hallways on each of the three floors, absorbing moisture from the air that can cool the house during warmer months. The interior design is minimalist and tasteful- clutter is not welcomed in a place like this. Wood is present throughout, complementing the white plastered walls and rare furniture items. Several paintings and art pieces cheer up the place, adding subtle color. The overall feeling is that of a sweet cottage-like residence, where intimacy and space both feel at home.