Robert Harvey Oshatz Architect designed the Chenequa Residence, a family home showcasing an original and very dynamic design. The building as a whole can not be entirely understood while analyzing it from a single standpoint; its diversity exposes fun features throughout. According to the architects, the project requires two stages of implementation: “The extant building constitutes the first phase of construction and includes the primary living areas for the family. The second phase of construction to be undertaken at a later point will consist of a glass roofed swimming pool area and a suite for visiting grandparents“. The design of the residence is practical and visually interactive: “After parking on the circular driveway, the approach to the house is by foot and follows a small stone wall which continues underneath a low hemlock clad roof. Upon walking through the glass door, the compression of the low entry explodes into a celebration of light and form. A large circular opening in the floor exposes a new level below and the low roof lifts and spins out of view, followed by a cantilevered staircase. A solid stone core stands at the center of it all, like a choreographer directing the dance around it“. Doesn’t this unusual curving home trigger your appetite for more playful architecture approaches?