Cracow-born Sotyrys and Aleksander Pantopulos  sent us their latest design, the visually intriguing Raptor Table. Here is an excerpt from the press release: “Raptor is more than just a table. Merging unique design with professional performance, we created a table of the future. A perfect mixture of technology, utility and class. The visionary design of Raptor encapsulates both the precision of technology and the luxury of appearance. The innovative, dynamic design makes Raptor a perfect choice for a modern office, while its charming, harmonious shape helps create a unique home interior. The Raptor table comes in a variety of forms and uses highly modern, lustrous or chrome-plated materials. Aluminium body and glass or laminate tops can be ordered in various colors giving the table a sleek, futuristic appearance, matching both home and office space. The table is highly customizable. You give it its final look: thanks to convertible body and table top, Raptor can become an expression of your own taste and individuality. A wide range of natural materials gives free space for your own creativity”.