Two-floor apartments have the benefits of creating a clear separation between social and private zones. This particular Apartment in Krakow sets an example of how a contemporary space arrangement can benefit inhabitants and create a habitable space filled with light, texture and color. Taken out of Morpho Studio‘s imagination and molded after their clients’ needs and wishes, the interior design of this 65 square meter apartment was cleverly compartmentalized to shape a cool, fresh space for a medicine student couple in their twenties. The owners have a deep love for animals, fact seen in the animal motifs displayed throughout the apartment. The first level is occupied by living spaces shared with friends and family when they come to visit, while the second level was designed to be a private heaven for both inhabitants. Predominant minimalist details were given a fresh twist with the use of vividly colored details, so the space looks inviting and truly exposes the dwellers’ personal lifestyle choices, don’t you think?