This luxury New York residential building known as the HL 23 condominium project reshapes the city block hosting its 14 story-high body into a glimpse of the future. Building materials were forced into submission under the attentive supervision of Los Angeles-based Neil M. Denari Architects (NMDA), creating a reversed shape starting with a 40’ x 90’ footprint and enlarging towards the top. West Chelsea will proudly display the residential building’s steel panel and glass silhouette and invite passers-by to wonder what lies inside. Every time you pass it by, you’ll surely remember seeing on Freshome the spectacular interiors this unique building shelters. Danish designer Thomas Juul-Hansen composed the fascinating interior design, creating stylishly bold spaces split between one living unit and two duplex apartments per floor. Built as it was designed, the HL 23 luxury residential building presents light-flooded rooms with unobstructed views to the north and south, envisioned filled with colorful textures and shaded by structural lines. Maybe some design details seen here will be mirrored in your next project.