Simplicity and originality define the new Jumpseat, a chair especially developed for auditoriums, perfectly blending style and function. According to the creative team at Ziba, the project is a result of the company’s efforts to maximize space. The 200 seat auditorium for company meetings and community events in the photos below couldn’t have been achieved without a clever chair design: “We named this new design the JumpSeat, in reference to the functional, fold-down seats traditionally used by workers on trains and airplanes. The seat is also a triumph of skilled craftsmanship. Rather than hide its structure and materials like an upholstered couch might, it celebrates every cut and contact. Through its thoroughly modern design and appearance, the JumpSeat highlights traditional handicraft in a way few pieces of modern furniture can. The sling-style wool seat covers were locally sewn, and attach quickly with Velcro for easy replacement and cleaning“. The cantilevered design ensures a good spine support and a proper ergonomic function. For a better understanding of the project, check out the video below!