Making an urban space feel more welcoming is easy to achieve by putting a “colorful” idea into practice. Today we would like to introduce you to the Rainbow Bridge (found on Fubiz), an unusual elevated pedestrian walkway located in Magong, Penghu County, Taiwan. By simply adding a thin neon band to the massive construction, a wonderful visual effect is achieved. The colors of the rainbow are reflected on the water during night time, creating a fantastic atmosphere. Moreover, the bridge becomes visible from far away, adding a fairytale-like mood in the neighboring regions as well. Reaching out to playful personalities, this original lighting installation could be the answer to livening up dull places. However, in a crowded and over-lit city, it may seem a bit exaggerated. All in all, we like the idea and are looking forward to your comments regarding this intriguing project in Taiwan. Would you go for a late bike ride, knowing that this bridge would be waiting for you around the corner?