Hole in One is a project for golf lovers. The concept of the design is based on the idea that golf is part of a lifestyle and needs a special space. The project was conceived and designed for a specific and sophisticated target that loves the outdoors and a particular kind of luxury. The design aimed at creating accommodation facilities meeting the requirements of refined and peculiar golfer users. A true personal golf resort offers a mini-course inside the suite, as well as an “intelligent” bedroom displaying state-of-the-art technology, a real home spa to regenerate the mind and the body after a long day. Alberto Apostoli presents a new kind of luxury, less noisy and luminescent, but rich as well, due to the refinement of materials, technological solutions and strong integration of emotion and function.

On the left side, the suite showcases a circular bed in leather, a built-in Jacuzzi, a bathroom with columns washbasins and full height video screens. On the other side, a wellness space by Technogym, emotional shower and a glazed/wooden sauna made in cedar and slate were carried out. The space is finished in a white and green floor, planks of old wood, green walls and a wallpaper, especifically designed by Apostoli, and these elements enrich the interior space horizontally and vertically. [Photos and information provided by Alberto Apostoli]