We received an interesting project with an even more intriguing story behind. The Bloody Moon wall murals were envisioned by the creative team at PIXERS and can add a terrifyingly original twist to a room. Here is some information from the press release we were sent: “This is the story about murder and sweet dresses, about knives and bubbles, about red blood and black nights. The story about mysterious interiors with walls stained with blood. If you have ever seen the Roman Polanski’s movie Bitter Moon from 1992, you will realize the reason and the source of inspiration for this title. Ecstatic love, then abandonment and revenge sweet as honey – are crucial for the story. Although, there is no bloodshed in this movie, there is an incredible energy makes experiencing this kind of extreme emotions appealing ...” So…could you live in a room spiced up with “bloody” wall murals?