Fun, comfort and luxury go hand in hand in this special residential project found in New York City. The owner’s excellent idea of uniting two new penthouse levels in the city’s East Village took shape under the attentive supervision of Turett Collaborative Architects (TCA). Sliding down from one floor to another seems to be a luxury not only children can afford. Encapsulated within glass walls at the upper floor, the metal slide drops down to the light-flooded living space. The spiral slide New York penthouse displays a carefully planned floor-plan that perfectly integrates the construction of this inspiring feature. Created as an interesting alternative to the existing stairs and maintaining a sense of playfulness in this luxurious home, the slide can be used by owner and guests to provoke a forgotten feeling of freedom. This slide-showcasing penthouse apartment is reminiscent of the Nakameguro House by LEVEL Architects – a family residence incorporating a dynamic slide. This creative method of connecting the three floors of the house was re-imagined in a more luxurious approach in the project you can enjoy below.