Extensions are a great solution for adding extra space with a limited budget. A carefully designed collection of new rooms can be successfully integrated within the existing architecture to shape the owner’s needs for larger spaces. A great example is Villa SK designed by Austrian studio Atelier Thomas Pucher. Private spaces like the bedrooms and bathrooms remained sheltered by the existing house, while new living spaces were defined within the newly added construction. Hardwood floors and a brick wall were captured in between glass walls to create a very bright living space continuing with two large beams resting on the natural stone wall at the other end. This encloses an outdoor space defined by the existence of a tree and completes a modern extension of comfort based on the integration of natural elements in the owner’s daily encounter with contemporary architecture. After seeing the studio’s work on the estate housing made of penthouses stacked on top of each other – the Tartu Rebase Street – we understand how inspiration can lead to designing customized living solutions for each client.