An unusually eye-catching building became a dream come true for architect Zvi Belling of ITN Architects – his home is inspired by hip-hop culture and graffiti, making it uniquely inspiring. From the outside in, this stunning graffiti house creates a striking visual experience in one of Melbourne’s inner city suburbs. Precast concrete walls were lined with arrows, clearly visible especially at night, when lights accentuate them. Collaborating with graffiti writer Prowla, the proud homeowner designed his home as the first in a series of Hip Hop buildings. If at day it takes time to fully understand its beauty, at night it transforms into a dynamic piece of art playing in the shadows. “The HIVE” – as it came to be know – fascinates with its angular design lines, interiors being shared between dynamic angles in white and contrasting dark details, splashed here and there with color. An enigmatic design that unfolds in the deep urban jungle and provokes boring neighboring buildings, the house spotted on Complex boldly showcases its 4 meter high concrete letters.