Inspired by the growing number of family pets, Korean designer Seungji Mun figured out how to offer pet owners a fun, dynamic piece of furniture to share with their cats: “Companion animals are no longer pets but positioned as companions of people. And in Korea, more than 10 million people are living with pets.” This built-in system for cats to have their fun while being close to owners was designed with functionality in mind – crowded urban living spaces leave too little space for pet furniture. This propels the Cat Tunnel Sofa to a level of versatility that solves the space problems for both humans and their feline friends. The backrest was imagined as a tunnel that starts on the ground, working its way up and around the sofa to shape an armrest. Pierced by a gap in the middle, the tunnel allows cats to interact with the person(s) occupying the sofa: “After analyzing and observing cats’ habits and behaviors through experts’ opinion and sufficient research, we designed the structure and shape of the sofa to be fully in harmony with.” Do you think this looks like a viable space saving solution for cat owners?