Covering almost 166 square meters, the modern family house known as House in Kyobate can be seen rising in a part of Nara, Japan. Its versatility and modern minimalist elegance lies in its architectural simplicity. A mezzanine level looks down on the minimalist social spaces dressed in white and wood and extending to shape a wooden protrusion from the volumetric architecture on the facade. This mezzanine connecting different spaces of the house lies at owner’s feet traditional tatami flooring and constructs visual and social interaction between people at different floors. Alternating between vertical and horizontal wooden lines interrupted by bright walls, designer Naoko Horibe created a dynamic visual effect.

This effect is perfectly adapted to the flexible, forward-moving suite of interior spaces. From Design Milk, we find out that the concept behind this Japanese residence revolves around the family’s two young children. Their energy will fill up the house and the home’s flexibility will encourage their creativity. This customized concept reminds me of another project in the architect’s portfolio, the House of Kashiba. Its owners needed a bath remodel and requested to have a view of the courtyard – architects planted a tree instead and surrounded it with an enclosed courtyard. This way, the second floor bathroom overlooks the “captured” symbolic tree.