Spamroom – with offices in Berlin -imagined a unique hotel room concept revolving around a creative multi-purpose space arrangement. Located in Berlin’s Neukoelln neighborhood, the hotel sheltering this one of a kind concept encouraged the designer to experiment with salvaged materials and expose the city’s history. The Plus One Berlin hotel room showcases a versatile functionality serving travelers with a fun, dynamic space lit by restored brass lamps and old copper pipes transformed into custom lamps. Occupying only 30 square meters, the room was conceived to be functional and visually pleasant in spite of its small size. The kitchenette/storage room is made of revamped panel doors and old parquet floor boards, alongside new plywood pieces, as we find out from Designboom. The shape and orientation changes according to traveler’s needs, making it easy to use and occupying as much space as possible. This multi-functional unit can also be used for storing clothes and its undecided composition is reminiscent of today’s creative displays of old and new materials.