Defining the necessities of a luxurious lifestyle, this exquisite villa located at 818 N Roxbury Drive in Beverly Hills boasts a unique combination of building materials – stone, glass and wood – composing a functional, well-proportioned property. Spreading over 9,302 square feet, the two story residence features four bedrooms and five and a half bathrooms, a private spa and swimming pool and a large collection of extraordinary spaces beautifully designed to astound anyone who has the privilege of visiting. Additional spaces like the gym, China storage and art storage room give this home a sense of customized art-loving collection of spaces. Located in the sought after 800 block of the flats in Beverly Hills, the imposing residence is part of Leonardo Umansky’s portfolio. Featured in “The World’s Best 100 Homes” edited by Images Publishing, this exceptional example of luxury architecture displays its luscious cluster of social and private spaces with an unprecedented proudness. Priced at $12,850,000, the fabulous villa would make a splendid residence for those who know how to appreciate it.