The charming Monaci delle Terre Nere boutique hotel has a unique personality and an interior design that captivates and inspires. Located on the island of Sicily, the stunning looking villa (once inhabited by monks ) takes in the healthy countryside air of a region famous for its wineries. The current owner of the place purchased the small property a few years ago and decided to invest in its potential. Guido Alessandro explains: “I felt the place was too big for myself and I had many friends coming and going. So I thought I may as well open it up to people. It gives me joy to have people stay here and enjoy the place. We had an architect who helped us with the the interior design. But the idea behind it comes from my girlfriend and myself. I decorated the house with different things I have collected over the years, especially paintings from the British-Brazilian artist, Olivier Mourao.” Lovely inside and out, the villa features natural construction materials, making it blend perfectly in its impressive 40-acre organic farm surroundings. Find its design as soothing as we do?