With a name that doesn’t necessarily resonate with its comprehensive design, the F House is surrounded by pine trees that make it appear modest by comparison. Pierced by a collection of windows opening the house to surrounding landscape, this carefully designed residence occupies 2,799 square feet in Savyon, Israel. Its durable steel structure was dressed in wooden frames and showcases a play of custom designed wood details and white volumes. Israeli architectural studio Alroy Hazak Architects proudly included the construction of the F House in their portfolio, imagining this modern residence as a duet of form and function, in perfect harmony with the existing landscape. Dramatic design lines construct a picturesque interior design boasting a double-height living space defined by a high bookcase. This light-flooded space reaches up to the mezzanine level, where the open space captures views of the backside swimming pool and deck just like the ground level. Take a good look at all the inspiring details and let us know what you think.