Lying at your feet, it seems to be an optical illusion. Comforting naked soles with its 100% pure wool touch, the Arraiolo carpets by Ervilha Criativa showcase an inspiring display of two defining features of the Portuguese culture – the Arraiolo technique and world renowned Portuguese tiles. Contouring a welcoming Portuguese influence, the wool rug took shape under the creative hands of designers André Valério and Sílvia Duarte. Handmade using this intriguing stitching technique, the rugs measure 51.96 x 40.15 inches (1320 mm x 1020 mm), so they’re large enough to become a focal point in the room, but small enough to avoid overwhelming the surrounding decor. Displaying a playful combination of colors, each rug will give the impression of climbing tall and skinny blocks or stumpy volumes, depending on your view point. As explained by the designers , “the Arraiolos rug technique is a form of cross-stitch that completely covers the linen foundation“, creating a carefully defined set of stitches shaping a uniform design.