We received photos and information about an intriguing kitchen project from Designer Kitchen, a company from Northern Ireland, UK. According to the official press relief, “the brief was to design a timeless kitchen that would provide a dramatic first impression and deliver exceptional value for money.  This replacement kitchen design needed to fit into the existing architectural framework as no structural changes were to be made. The client wanted an extraordinary kitchen to express their flamboyant nature. By recycling elements from the original kitchen including the sink and handles; re-fabricating small sections of worktop, consciously separating the design process from manufacturing and tendering the finished design with selected manufacturers, I was able to deliver this kitchen for under £25,000.

The foundation of the design was developed by considering how the uncompromising architecture and fixed cooking position related to five clear approaches to the kitchen. Multiple visual hooks were presented on each sight line. This information was layered onto the functional and social patterns identified as being particular to the family unit which in turn ensured the optimum level of efficiency and visual impact. To optimise the available floor space and avoid architectural “nip points” the island was given a unique radius and angled tail.  Unique feature elements where then embedded into the island to enhance functionality and aesthetics.

The design specified in-framed tulip wood, walnut and burr walnut doors with solid walnut dovetailed drawers all manufactured to a bespoke specification.  Unique elements included a curved glass display unit with 3D pattern, a feature cone, two elevated drum units and stone clad knee spaces. The varying height of feature elements enhances the impact achieved from the complex mix of materials, geometry and architecture.  Lighting provides a holistic element to the design, offering flexibility in an open plan setting and encouraging the feeling of calm”. [Photography:  Rory Corrigan RF Creative]