Casa en Aravaca was envisioned and implemented by Madrid-based architecture firm Aidhos Studio and is located in Aravaca, a city in the province of Madrid, Spain. The exterior of the residence found on Platforma Arquitectura is defined by two rectangular volumes slightly displaced from each other and connected at the center by a patio and the social area. With a total built surface of 747 square meters, the residence communicates well with the environment, due to its original elongated shape and large windows opening every room towards the garden. According to the architects, four distinct living zones are created: the public spaces (living and dining room), , kitchen area, the children’s bedrooms and master bedroom. Some of the interiors display a cozy, warm atmosphere, spiced up with colors and “friendly” decorations, while others (the functional areas) pay tribute to minimalism. Have a look and tell us what you think of the combined effect!