Located in a residential complex in northern Madrid, the Memory House is another powerful project adding to the impressive portfolio of architecture studio A-cero, led by Joaquin Torres & Rafael Llamazares. The residence was carefully embedded within the pines and oaks “inhabiting” the construction site and displays a bold exterior, defined by white marble, bamboo wood and curving shapes. Structured on three levels, the house accommodates three en suite bedrooms on the first floor, social area on the middle level and the garage, service area and other facilities in the basement. The architects further describe their design approach: “Suggestive forms of architecture are introduced into the interior of the house thanks to a furniture design with plenty of curves. We have to highlight the kitchen, with an A-cero design that follows the thread of the project. The finishing is made of wood and White Corian. The furniture in the house combines the A-cero designed ones with other elements chosen by the property, where simplicity and elegance are the general trend. The white color, flooding the room, is mixed with warmer tones in browns and grays.”