We were recently sent an e-mail with the fun story behind this feline friendly armchair addition, from Greg at Cat Crib:A favorite way to pass the time of our cat Vladimir is unfortunately scratching on furniture. Even when he was presented with the finest sisal/cardboard/carpet cat scratchers, he still seems to prefer scratching on our sofa and chairs.  One of our chairs developed a rip in the underlining from his ongoing scratching.  Upon returning home one day, I found that Vladimir had ripped the hole open wide enough for him to crawl up inside the chair and lay on the lining.  Vladimir was literally snoring away with a paw casually draped down out of the hole.  After some brainstorming we came up with an alternative sleeping place for him – the Cat Crib“.

The Cat Crib is the latest option for cat owners who want a clean and clutter free home.  Current options available to cat owners when it comes to cat beds or cat furniture involves large, bulky pillows or carpet covered towers.  These options take up living space and rarely blend into the owner’s decor.  The result is a living space that is cluttered and unattractive.  The Cat Crib solves these problems by utilizing wasted space underneath an owner’s existing chair.  The result is a place for their cat to sleep the blends into their current space seamlessly. The Cat Crib will be available for sale in late Summer 2012 online here, and through select local retailers.