Located in Warsaw, Poland, this colorful apartment is perfectly balanced to give a sense of playfulness without being crowded. The color palette complements shapes used to construct the space – in the living room, a grey sofa with yellow edges marries comfort and easy to clean color, while the bold stripes adorning the opposite wall is interrupted by the placement of a long white console. More storage space in the office corner reflect light coming from a glazed terrace door. This Warsaw Apartment was designed by Widawscy Studio Architektury, who managed to create a stunning array of bold spaces, starting with the huge mirror in the hallway, reflecting a green border. Flooded with light, only the elegant bedroom was kept almost colorless, in a peaceful neuter color palette. A vivid green bathroom exposes once again this color that defined the living spaces while blue accents break the monotony. Don’t you find this colorful apartment delightful?