Probably the most “sacred” room of the entire crib, the home library combines relaxation with personal growth and completes the genuine atmosphere of a modern residence or apartment. As a tribute to these contemporary indoor oases, we put together a post with 37 beautiful home libraries, bearing within knowledge and acting as a refuge from the hectic lifestyle characterizing big cities. There are many ideas from the photos below we find inspiring, starting with the circular bookshelves in the shape of an indoor dome, the attic room library or the suspended above-the-stairs shelving system. The fireplace bookshelf is also an intriguing and daring idea, provided it is never left unsupervised.

We also love reading nooks and window seats surrounded by books, which make for great relaxations spots. Depending on the features of each home, a library can be extended horizontally or vertically. Some of the photos below present seamlessly infinite walls, with a jaw-dropping effect-just imagine the feeling of being surrounded by thousands of books in the comfort of your own home! We invite you to have a look at the home library designs below and choose your favorite. What are the ideas you find most appealing and how would you integrate them in your own crib?