Using mimbre (wicker) to create useful everyday objects has been a traditional occupation of dwellers in Chilean city of Chimbarongo since the beginning of the century. The growing local economy has seen a decrease when fewer people were interested in working with this lean material, so Santiago-based Studio Eggpicnic decided it was time to recreate a focal point on this small industry. Designing the Amalia seating unit, the creative studio feeds the need for continuing this beautiful tradition, but inspired craftsmen to look into a more contemporary outcome. The sinuous lines of this beautifully manufactured seat were created alongside experienced mimbre manufacturers in order to get a stunning result. Spotted on Inhabitat, the organic seat is moulded to offer a comfortable seating experience and features two rounded gaps on each side. Artisanal tradition was intertwined with modern design to create a constructive method of transposing this modern revitalization in a surprising seat design.