Through studying and predicting its customers’ present & future kitchen habits and preferences, Egyptian kitchen manufacturer Amr Helmy Designs claims to be able to invent breakthrough organic design solutions. The company’s catch phrase is “7 Years Ahead”, which sums up its goal to fill a gap in the kitchen market by 2015 by offering improved functionality, taste and service. With the Cubello Series, Amr Helmy was aiming to revolutionize kitchen design by offering a range that is designed around a grid system based on just 24 different units and one size of door.

This approach top kitchen design has a number of benefits. The factory has a minimum number of components to work with so a number of costs are reduced including: warehousing; machine set-up; packing; and shipping. The grid system allegedly makes it easier for designers to work with and ensures that all design output is aesthetically maximized.

The most interesting design aspect of the Cubello kitchen though has to be the innovative configuration options provided by the island unit. Featuring the sink and the cooktop, the island unit provides the main work area within the kitchen. Surface space is maximised through the use of off-set counter tops and a swivelling surface that contains the kitchen sink. This surface is on wheels so it can easily be repositioned for best use of space.

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