We received photos and information about Woven, an original desk designed by Bram Vanderbeke. Here is the press release we were sent: “A personal workspace creates a higher concentration at work, but reduces social contact. When these two principles are combined in a functional way, we create a workplace that allows people to work with concentration, but without losing contact with their surroundings. Woven is a desk, or rather an exceptional workplace. A desk that won its place in space, with a strong object value. But it is also a functional workspace that allows one to stay in touch with the environment. On the basis of sketches, models and experimenting in the atelier, I’m looking for an attractive and functional design. In the end I get a piece of furniture where I bend eight wooden slats in a way around a worktop and weave them with each other. I provide slots between the wooden slats, which makes any contact with the environment possible. The way the strips are woven, emphasizes the place value of the desk and makes a solid form”. Find this workspace idea appealing?