Parking spaces transforming into housing units – is that a viable idea we should seriously take into consideration? According to San Francisco-based designer Aaron Cheng, who submitted this interesting idea to this year’s James Dyson Awards, a building that alternates between housing and parking is not only possible, but it can also be a solution to crowding for both people and cars. The Parking + Housing project is this creative designer’s solution to a common problem – “During daytime, the housing units are compressed to create spaces for parking, while at night, the process reverses with parking turning back into living quarters via a pneumatic structure.” Inspired by the growing number of population and vehicles in major urban areas, the designer’s solution spotted on Fatscodesign offers an alternative space utilization that seems to view this problem from behind a unique structure system: “The Pneumatic Shelter is the key in the development. This involves inflating an ETFE skin with air, inflated from the permanent utility module or hand pump. This unique structure system allows the project to transform from living space to parking space and vice verse.” Would you consider sharing your living space with your car?